- Residential Interiors - 

The existing property has a unique modern quality, which we have based our design theory upon.

Interplay between light and texture form a series of defined thresholds and internal spaces. This symbiosis creates a more welcoming, transitional space that separates the dwelling from the street.

At each entrance lobby a warm, ambient glow leads the eye through the space; accentuated by the bespoke Botanic Lotus stripes on the floor. These unbroken lines turn corners, inviting the visitor deeper into the spaces beyond. This linear pattern creates a visual boundary as well as a way-finding device, becoming part of the threshold to each dwelling. This defines an element of defensible space between communal and private areas.

Simple, clean lines evoke a relationship with the external fabric of the building. Elegant lighting systems help to define the internal spaces. The ceiling lights were designed with the Pantheon in mind, and so each one becomes a frameless oculus, bathing internal spaces in exquisite, uniform light. Vertical beams of light have been placed in each entry lobby, flanking either side and visually connecting with the linear cove lights. They announce the entry into the building and connect the ground to the ceiling in one continuous beam of light.



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